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Commercial Services in Chatham-Kent

Postma Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical Inc is respected for our quality heating, air conditioning, ventilation and controls installations in commercial applications. We have completed successful projects for hospitals, schools, office complexes, retail stores, and apartment complexes. We are equipped with the right tools and expertise for the job. Our skilled tradespeople are knowledgeable in all aspects of HVAC. We are proud to have one of the largest HVAC workforces in Chatham-Kent. Large or small projects, we would be glad to be your HVAC contractor.


  • Building management Controls
  • Rooftop heating and cooling unit replacements
  • Boilers/Hydronics
  • Radiant heaters
  • Retrofit or entire HVAC systems
  • Energy Recover Ventilators (ERV)
  • Indoor Air Quality Solutions
  • Commercial Maintenance packages
  • Zone systems for temperature controls in various areas of your building


  • Save energy. Equipment that runs at peak performance can affect your bottom line with significant savings on monthly energy bills.
  • Avoid unnecessary emergency repairs. When you have planned HVAC preventive maintenance, you can stop problems to your units before they start and eliminate any HVAC related downtime.
  • Enhance indoor air quality. Better indoor air quality provides a healthier workplace which can result in labour savings.
  • Extend the life of your units. One of the best benefits of HVAC preventive maintenance is that it will extend the life of your heating and cooling systems. Just like oil changes and tune-ups keep your car in good shape, preventive maintenance will keep your heating and cooling units healthy for years to come.

Need HVAC Service?

Need HVAC Service? Contact the experts at Postma.

Need HVAC Service?

Need HVAC Service? Contact the experts at Postma.


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Our mission is to provide valuable and informative services that ensure the comfort and safety of our customers.  

We have been serving Chatham-Kent and the surrounding area for over 30 years. Established in 1989 by brothers, Ron and George Postma and their wives, Hetty and Linda – the company continues to be family owned and operated to this day.  

Postma Heating & Cooling Inc. employs certified, local contractors that are dedicated to understanding your unique situation, providing you with valuable solutions, and presenting you with a price before the work begins. We are pleased to provide a Service Partner Plan and regular maintenance options to catch small problems before they have the chance to grow into serious ones.