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Gas-Powered Back-Up Generators

Considering a back-up generator for your home?

Choosing a permanently installed gas-powered back-up generator requires a both a gas fitter and an electrician. Postma is a multi-trade contractor, meaning we are the only company you need to call to complete the installation of your gas-powered back-up generator. Our electricians can offer you the best solutions based on your energy needs in the event of power-failure.

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Postma is at Your Service!

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Our mission is to provide valuable and informative services that ensure the comfort and safety of our customers.  

We have been serving Chatham-Kent and the surrounding area for over 30 years. Established in 1989 by brothers, Ron and George Postma and their wives, Hetty and Linda – the company continues to be family owned and operated to this day.  

Postma Heating & Cooling Inc. employs certified, local contractors that are dedicated to understanding your unique situation, providing you with valuable solutions, and presenting you with a price before the work begins. We are pleased to provide a Service Partner Plan and regular maintenance options to catch small problems before they have the chance to grow into serious ones.