Do You Need a Standby Generator?

Can a Whole Home Generator Installation Benefit Your Household?

Whole-house generators can help households that are left vulnerable during a blackout or a major storm that causes homes to lose power. Without electricity, homes are left without lights, HVAC systems, working refrigerators, and even lifesaving medical equipment. 

Installing a standby generator allows a household to have continuous power during these blackouts, keeping the residents comfortable and safe. This post will discuss which households can benefit the most from generators based on how often they experience heavy storms, extreme heat, and power loss. 

Do You Live in an Area With Heavy Rain or Storms?

rainOntario households endure severe weather throughout the year – from severe summer thunderstorms to extreme cold and heavy snowfalls. When these weather events happen, homes can experience power outages. Homeowners can benefit from standby generators to keep their power on during a blackout. Some of the top advantages these systems provide include:

  • Uninterrupted power supply to the house, keeping appliances running and the lights on
  • Flood prevention, as the generator can keep the sump pump working during heavy rain storms to keep the water from entering the house 
  • Safety by keeping security systems running
  • Comfort by keeping the HVAC systems running. This is essential during the winter months. By keeping the heater or furnace on, households can also help prevent frozen pipes. 

Does Your Home Experience Power Outages More Than a Few Times Yearly?

power outagesWhen electricians help homeowners determine whether they need a whole-house generator, one of the questions they often ask is how often the home experiences power outages. If the power goes out more than a few times a year, households can benefit from installing a backup generator. 

If homes lose power often, it can jeopardize their health and pocketbooks. Households with medical equipment need continuous power to keep their family members safe and healthy. Homeowners might also be forced to replace their food in the refrigerator or freezer often when it spoils during an outage. If households lose power often, replacing their spoiled groceries can add up quickly. 

Does the Summer Heat Lead to Blackouts?

A common time for households to lose power is during a summer heatwave. With numerous homes running air conditioners simultaneously for extended periods, it can lead to area-wide blackouts. These can be dangerous, as they can leave homes without AC systems during high temperatures.

Generators can protect households during these situations. They can keep power flowing to air conditioners, giving families relief from the hot temperatures. Standby generators can also keep lights on to allow family members to see where they are going and charge cell phones so households have a way to call for help in case of an emergency or if the AC doesn’t work correctly and they are left in a sweltering house. Electricians recommend installing a whole-house generator before periods of extreme weather to ensure that residents have electricity during the next blackout.

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heat pump

What Homeowners Should Know About Heat Pumps

Is a Heat Pump System Right for Your Home?

When selecting a new heating or cooling system, homeowners might focus on traditional forced-air systems. However, they could be missing out by overlooking a heat pump. These systems are more energy-efficient than other HVAC systems, can be used for both heating and cooling, and offer additional benefits to households. This post will explain how heat pumps work, their advantages, and what symptoms indicate a heat pump system needs to be repaired.

Heat Pumps: Learn the Basics

heat pumpProperty owners tend to overlook heat pumps when considering new heating systems for their homes because they are not as familiar with the system as they are with more traditional heating and cooling systems. Heat pumps can both heat and cool a house and work by transferring heat from cooler outdoor air or the ground and transferring it indoors. 

Then, during a refrigeration cycle, the compressor circulates the refrigerant through the coils, which then absorbs and releases heat. When used to cool a house, the heat pump reverses the process by taking heat from the indoor air and sending it outside. Since they rely more on the transfer of heat than the heat being generated, they are highly efficient. 

Advantages of Installing a Heat Pump

When considering if a heat pump installation is right for their house, homeowners need to consider the benefits of a heat pump. Arguably, the top advantage is the energy efficiency the system provides. Unlike many conventional systems, heat pumps don’t create most of the hot or cooled air – they get most of it by transfer. This lets homes use less energy and allows property owners to reduce their utility bills. 

Some of the other heat pump benefits include:

  • Homeowners can purchase one system for both heating and cooling instead of a separate heater and air conditioner.
  • It allows for more consistent heating and cooling, making homes more comfortable.
  • Heat pumps can be safer than many heaters and furnaces as they do not use open flames. 

Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair

energy billHomeowners who already have a heat pump can help keep their homes comfortable during the chilly weather by having their heat pumps repaired as soon as possible when it’s needed. The best way to get professional services quickly is for property owners to recognize the signs that the heat pump is malfunctioning. 

Some of the most obvious signs households will notice are if it doesn’t produce warm air when it’s set to heat or if there is uneven heating throughout the home. Homeowners should also pay attention to loud noises, odd smells, or if the unit turns on and off quickly without properly heating the house. Other signs can also indicate a system needs to be repaired, like if a homeowner’s energy bills suddenly increase, leaks in the system, or if the heat pump is older and is showing signs of wear and tear. 

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Evaporator coil cleaning

Schedule Evaporator Coil Cleaning When You Notice These Signs

Signs You May Need Professional Evaporator Coil Cleaning

When a house fails to reach the desired temperature on the thermostat or experiences other issues, it may be due to several reasons. While homeowners most often put the blame on their air conditioner or heater as a whole, it could also be due to a dirty evaporator coil. 

An evaporator coil removes hot air from a house and disperses cold air to cool the property when used with an air conditioner. If it malfunctions or gets dirty, the system’s performance can suffer. To prevent this, homeowners must schedule evaporator coil cleaning services at the first signs of a problem, including if there is a frost build-up on AC coils, the system runs longer than normal, or the house is not heating or cooling correctly. 

Loss of Heating or Cooling Function

hotOne of the most noticeable signs of a dirty evaporator coil is if a house is not reaching the desired temperature setting on the thermostat. It may be subtle, but members of the household may start to notice the house feels warmer or cooler than it should be or stuffier. 

An evaporator coil can fail to cool or heat a house correctly due to several reasons, including if there is a refrigerant leak from the coil, if there is frost building up on the coil, if it is corroding, or if there is dust, dirt, or debris building up on the component. Property owners should schedule evaporator coil services with an HVAC contractor at the first signs of an issue to determine if they need coil cleaning or other services.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

frostAnother problem that can cause an evaporator coil to malfunction is if there is a frost build-up on it or it’s frozen. Ice on the unit will prevent it from working properly and prevent air from correctly flowing through the device. But frost on the coils can be caused by them getting dirty or refrigerant leaking from it. 

Frost can also form if there is a clogged or dirty air filter or another cause of low airflow in the HVAC system. If the frozen coils are due to an issue with the evaporator coil, like low refrigerant or dirty coils, evaporator coil services and cleaning will be needed. 

The AC or Heater Runs Too Long

If the heater and AC evaporator coils are dirty, homeowners might notice the air conditioner or heater running longer than necessary. Longer cycles can be problematic as they can cause the unit to overwork, resulting in higher energy bills. A dirty evaporator coil can cause them to run longer or continuously if frost, dirt, or dust buildup on the evaporator coils prevents the heat exchange process from working correctly. 

Homeowners can help prevent these issues by scheduling routine maintenance and then scheduling evaporator cleaning services as soon as they notice the symptoms of dirty evaporator coils, such as a loss of function and comfort, frozen coils, or longer HVAC system cycles. 

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Plumbing basics every household

Plumbing 101 Essentials Homeowners Should Know

Plumbing Basics Every Household Should Know

There are some essential plumbing basics homeowners need to know to ensure their plumbing system is operating correctly, prevent wasting money, and avoid major plumbing repairs. Plumbers recommend property owners know some essentials of their plumbing system, including how to recognize the signs of a problem quickly and why preventive maintenance is necessary. This post will share some important information about plumbing for homeowners to know. 

Plumbing Fixtures

tubIf homeowners start to notice their utility bills getting higher and higher, it can be due to their old and inefficient plumbing fixtures. However, upgrading old and wasteful fixtures with new, water-saving and energy-efficient ones can reduce a household’s energy and water usage and save them money. 

Some examples of energy-efficient and water-efficient plumbing fixtures include:

  • Water-saving toilets, which use less water per flush than standard toilets and come in many different models. 
  • Dual-flush, water-saving toilets save water by having two flushing options based on whether it’s liquid or solid waste.
  • Low-flow showerheads use less water while still providing comfortable water pressure. 
  • Faucet aerators that reduce the flow of water without changing the water pressure.
  • Tankless water heaters use less energy because they only heat water when needed. 

Common Signs Indicating a Plumbing Problem

billTo prevent consequences like water damage, flooding, and high water bills, homeowners need to recognize the signs of plumbing issues so they can be fixed as soon as possible. The faster these are recognized, the quicker a plumber can make the necessary repairs. 

Some symptoms of plumbing problems that can signal a property owner to schedule plumbing repairs are:

  • Dripping or leaking faucets
  • Slow-draining sinks, bathtubs, or other drains 
  • Frequent clogged toilets
  • Low water pressure from faucets or showerheads 
  • Foul odours coming from the drains or toilets
  • Running toilets
  • Smelly or discoloured water 
  • Higher than normal water bills

The Importance of Routine Plumbing Maintenance

While plumbing problems will occur in systems from time to time, some out of a homeowner’s control, there is a way property owners can prevent plumbing issues in their homes and extend the life of their plumbing. Scheduling routine plumbing maintenance can keep plumbing systems running correctly for longer, prevent issues, and save money. 

During these routine services, plumbers can identify issues before they cause major problems in plumbing systems, allowing homeowners to avoid plumbing emergencies. These services should typically be scheduled at least once a year. During an inspection, experts can perform the following tasks:

  • Look for signs of leaking or dripping in the faucets or showerheads
  • Ensure toilets are flushing correctly and are not leaking or running
  • Examine the sink, shower, and bathtub drains for clogs 
  • Perform drain cleaning services if there’s a clog 
  • Check the supply lines and connections for leaks or damage
  • Ensure the water pressure is appropriate
  • Examine the water heater to ensure it’s operating correctly and efficiently, and look for leaks or corrosion
  • Inspect the pipes for signs of leaks, signs of aging, or corrosion
  • Check the water heater’s anode rod, temperature, and valves 

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Tamper Resistant outlet - keep kids safe at home

Protect Your Children With Childproof Outlets

Install Tamper-Resistant Outlets to Help Keep Kids Safe at Home

Parents of toddlers know all too well the importance of childproofing their homes. From anchoring furniture to walls to installing gates around stairs to keeping kids away from electrical outlets, there are countless dangers in homes that children need to be protected against. 

Electrical outlets can be especially tempting for young children as they are drawn to the devices at eye level for them and try to stick toys and even their fingers into the slots. Doing this can cause serious injuries – from shocks, burns, and even electrocution. Installing childproof outlets can help prevent these risks. This blog will discuss tamper-resistant outlets and their benefits.

How Do Tamper-Resistant Outlets Work?

When electricians talk to homeowners about childproof outlets, one of the first questions they may get from parents is, “What is a tamper-resistant outlet?” This is a reasonable question, as property owners want to understand how these protect their children and why they are different from their other outlets. 

These childproof and tamper-resistant outlets have self-closing covers to protect children and provide electrical safety. These covers will only open to let something inside the outlet if equal pressure is applied to both shutters simultaneously. If those shutters are not engaged at the same time, they will not open, preventing children from inserting toys or other objects into the outlets. When an adult inserts an electrical plug into an outlet, the covers will open, and the plug will be allowed in, but if only one slot is engaged at a time, the shutters will not open to allow things into the outlet. 

Benefits of Childproof Outlets

outletHomeowners, and especially parents of young children, can experience many benefits by installing childproof outlets. While there are many options for childproofing outlets, including plastic outlet caps and plugs, these can actually pose additional dangers to children. Children and toddlers can learn to remove these caps from their outlets, and they can pose choking hazards. 

Childproof outlets are a safer solution. The shutters prevent toddlers from sticking objects into the slots, reducing the risk of injuries while also not being a choking hazard for young children. These outlets offer many benefits. They help prevent electrical hazards, give parents an easy way to protect their toddlers without the expense and work of purchasing caps and plugs and putting them in each outlet, and help protect children from injuries. 

Signs to Replace an Old Outlet

outletLike any outlet in a home, childproof outlets need to be replaced if they show symptoms that they are not working or are aging. Some obvious signs that an outlet needs to be replaced are if the faceplates are cracked, or there are other signs of damage and if the outlets are hot to the touch.

Other signs of an outlet needing replacement are loose connections in the outlets and plugs falling out or the outlets not providing power. If a homeowner experiences any of these issues, calling an electrician to inspect the devices and schedule outlet replacements is essential.

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Beware of outdoor plumbing clogs

Beware of Outdoor Plumbing Clogs!

Everything to Know About Outdoor and Underground Plumbing Blockages

Clogs in outdoor or underground piping systems can cause severe damage and create a major inconvenience. If left unchecked, clogged pipes can lead to flooding, widespread property damage, unsanitary conditions, costly repairs, and more. Water backed up from clogged outdoor pipes often seeps into the ground or overflows onto the lawn. Clogs in underground pipes are even more difficult to identify and diagnose because they cannot be seen directly; instead, indications of a problem will likely appear at the surface or via strange sounds emanating from below.

It is essential to identify and act on clogs quickly to prevent further damage, avoid costly repairs, and help prevent some of these issues. This post will share signs of underground plumbing blockages, what can cause them, and the processes plumbers use to remove them.

Signs of Outdoor Clogs

It’s crucial to call a professional for help at the first signs of underground plumbing clogs to avoid extensive water damage and expensive repairs at a house or property. Some symptoms of a clog to watch out for are slow drains and backed-up toilets or sinks. If homeowners notice water coming up through their sinks, toilets, or other drains, it can indicate a blockage in the line.

Other common signs of clogs in the underground plumbing are foul odors coming from drains or signs of flooding in the yard. If there are soggy spots or puddles in the grass of a yard, it can indicate a blockage. Additionally, if a water line is clogged, it can cause low water pressure. Once any sign of a blockage in the pipes is noticed, homeowners should contact plumbers to fix it.

How Pipes Clog

tree root clogPipes can suffer clogs due to a variety of reasons. For one, mineral deposits from hard water can build up and form blockages in water lines. Sewer line clogs can form when hair, dirt, grease, foreign objects, or other debris accumulate in the pipes. As these materials build up over time, they can cause blockages, resulting in slow drains and backups. Additionally, tree roots growing into the piping can cause clogs.

It is essential to regularly inspect pipes for signs of clogs and take steps to prevent them from forming. To prevent clogs, homeowners should avoid flushing anything other than toilet paper down their toilets and pouring cooking grease or oil down their drains. Root barriers can also be installed to help prevent clogs from tree roots.

Clearing Tough Clogs

clearing tough clogsIt’s essential to act quickly as soon as signs of clogs are noticed. The first step needs to be to call a plumber. A trained, experienced professional can locate and remove the clog easily with special equipment and recommend ways to prevent outdoor plumbing clogs in the future.

Depending on the severity of the blockage, a technician may use a variety of ways to remove the clog. Some common drain cleaning methods are:

  • Drain snaking: With a drain snake, a technician will push a metal cable through the pipe until it gets to the clog. It will keep working on the clog until it is eliminated.
  • Hydro jetting: During this technique, a professional will use a heavy, pressurized stream of water to remove the blockage. These are efficient at clearing tough clogs.

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