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Hybrid System - Heat Pumps, Maintenance and Installations

What is a Heat Pump and How Does a Heat Pump Work?


In simplest terms, a heat pump is a system that runs on electricity to provide both heating and cooling to your home. It does this by pulling heat from a lower temperature place and pushing it to a higher temperature place. For instance, in the winter, the heat pump will take the heat that’s in the outside air and push it into your home. In the summer months, it will reverse the process to provide cooling.

Will a Heat Pump Save You Money?

In theory, a heat pump will save you money if you currently heat exclusively with gas or propane, for two reasons. First, the prices of fossil fuels and associated carbon taxes are due to continue to rise. Secondly, the heat pump turns out more useful energy than it requires to run, unlike your standard fuel home comfort system. According to the NRCan website, you can expect to see up to a 65% reduction in your heating energy costs.

For this reason, the Canadian Government has developed substantial rebate opportunities and interest-free loans as incentives for Canadians to update their home comfort systems and outfit them with a Heat Pump to reduce your homes dependency on propane and gas. Heat Pumps are meant to supplement your fuel-burning systems in the months where heat can be efficiently drawn from the lower temperature area.

How Long Will a Heat Pump Last?

You can expect an air source heat pump to last anywhere between 15-20 years if they are properly maintained. Aside from annual maintenance by a qualified HVAC contractor, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure your heat pump maintains its efficiency and maximum lifespan. Be sure to change or clean your air filter every 3 months, as clogged filters will decrease airflow and reduce the efficiency of your system. Also, vents and air registers in your home should be clear of furniture or carpeting, as inadequate airflow to or from your unit can shorten equipment lifespans and reduce efficiency of the unit.

What Else Do I Need to Know Before I Invest in a Heat Pump?

Although not typically necessary, upgrades to your electrical system may be necessary to install an air-source heat pump add on to your home comfort systems depending on the age and total electrical load of your home. A 200-ampere electrical service panel is normally required to facilitate an air-source heat pump’s electrical needs.


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Furnace Repair

You deserve to be comfortable in your home in Chatham-Kent, and the team from Postma Heating & Cooling Inc is here to ensure your furnace repair is designed to last. Remember, when you choose to ignore a problem, you could be increasing the cost of a furnace repair. 


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Boilers & Hydronics

Hydronics, in simple terms, refers to a central heating system that utilizes hot water to heat your home. It is the most comfortable, versatile, economical and effective heating option available.