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Save BIG on Federal Carbon Tax

Did you know that carbon tax will more than triple over the next decade, from $50/tonne in 2022 to $170/tonne in 2030?   We, as homeowners, are taxed on our usage of fossil fuels such as gas in our cars, and natural gas, propane, or oil for our furnaces, water heaters, laundry, and cooking appliances.

Using electricity for part or all of your home comfort will save you big time on carbon tax over the next decade.

Electric Systems
We have fully electric heating & cooling systems that use electricity exclusively to cool and heat your home.

Hybrid Systems (Heat Pumps)
We have hybrid systems that offer the “best of both worlds”. Hybrids use electricity to cool your home in the summer and heat your home during the warmer winter months; and then use your fossil-fuel burning furnace (i.e. natural gas, propane) as a backup on frigid days.

They both help you to save money on carbon tax and reduce your carbon footprint, and most importantly, we can help you recover some of your investment!

Cue the Canada Greener Homes Initiative. A Federal Government initiative to help Canadians save energy and make their homes more comfortable.

Many of our energy-efficient electric and hybrid systems will qualify for a $6,500 Greener Homes Grant. They also offer interest-free loans from $5,000 to $40,000 with a repayment term of 10 years to help you undertake major home retrofits. Our job is to maximize your payout from the program.

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Current Rebates for Home Updates in Chatham-Kent

Lennox Rebates

As Chatham-Kent’s only Local Lennox Premiere dealer, Postma Heating and Cooling has access to exclusive rebates available directly from Lennox. As an added service to you, we take care of the whole rebate application process when you choose qualifying products from Lennox, and you’ll see your savings in the mail as a visa gift card. It’s that easy!

Pay Nothing for 6 Months and redeem up to $1,700 in rebates

Canada Greener Homes Grants

Natural Resources Canada has launched an initiative to help Canadians make their homes more energy efficient, reducing energy bills aswell as energy waste through Rebates for applicable home retrofits, and interest-free loans to assist in making major home upgrades. Postma Home Comfort advisors are highly knowledgable about the upgrades that qualify for rebates and how to get you the maximum return, we will assist you by getting you in touch with a qualified home energy advisor for your pre- and post- retrofit home evaluations, and provide you with all the required information for submitting your applications.

Canada Greener Homes Initiative

Helping you save energy and make your home more comfortable

Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebates

Enbridge is also offering rebates for qualifying upgrades to your home. They are currently offering up to $5000 in rebates for updates to your homes insulation, air sealing, windows/doors, water heaters, boilers, furnaces, as well as the required energy assessements. To find out about your eligibility, click the link provided below.

Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate.

Any of these rebates can be applied for together to maximize your return on investment.

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