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Don’t put your household at risk when you have an electrical issue. Schedule repairs right away. Call us at 519-354-9491 for residential electrical repair services in the Municipality in Ontario, Canada.

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If you have an electrical issue at your house, it’s essential to schedule residential electrical services immediately to avoid potentially dangerous situations. All electrical problems should only be handled by experienced professionals. Call Postma Heating & Cooling for services in Chatham-Kent, ON. We offer same-day services for your convenience.

Is your electrical system up to code? Contact us for electrical replacement.

We offer the following electrical services:

What To Expect During an Electrical Troubleshooting Appointment

Have you noticed some oddities with your electrical system recently? This can include flickering lights, power surges, or buzzing outlets. If you notice these, you should book an electrical contractor to troubleshoot your electrical system.

When the contractor arrives to perform electrical services, you can expect him or her to perform the following tasks:

  • Inspect flickering lights to determine if it’s due to a poor connection or something larger.
  • Check malfunctioning outlets.
  • Examine breakers that trip frequently to determine the root cause of the problem.
  • Inspect burned-out light bulbs to make sure you’re using bulbs of the correct wattage.

Scheduling electrical troubleshooting services can help you avoid any potential safety issues in your home. Contact our experts at Postma Heating & Cooling for appointments.

Signs Your Wiring Needs Repairs

When your wiring malfunctions, you need to schedule repairs as soon as possible to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. If you notice these issues with your wiring, you should book an appointment with a licensed electrical contractor right away:

  • Your circuit breaker is tripping frequently. This can signal a more serious issue with your electrical system.
  • Flickering, buzzing, or dimming lights. This can indicate your wiring system needs to be updated to handle the demand.
  • Frayed wiring. Damaged wiring can be a fire hazard and should therefore be inspected by a professional immediately.
  • Warm or vibrating outlets. Feeling heat or vibrations in your walls near an outlet can signal an issue with your wiring.
  • Burning smell. If you notice an odd odor or a burning smell, call a professional to inspect the wiring as it can lead to a potentially dangerous situation.

Protect your young children by installing child proof outlets. Contact us for services.

Ways To Light a Room with Ambient Lighting

The lights in your house can create a mood. This is especially true for ambient lighting. This can create a relaxing and calming atmosphere in your home.

The following types of lights can create ambient lighting:

  • Chandeliers
  • Pendants
  • Recessed
  • Track
  • Ceiling

For everything from repairs and troubleshooting to electrical installation, trust your Chatham-Kent home to the experts at Postma Heating & Cooling

When you need electrical services at your house or office, act quickly to avoid risks. Call Postma Heating & Cooling at 519-354-9491 for appointments in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. Our technicians are drug tested and background checked.