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What Homeowners Should Know About Heat Pumps

Is a Heat Pump System Right for Your Home?

When selecting a new heating or cooling system, homeowners might focus on traditional forced-air systems. However, they could be missing out by overlooking a heat pump. These systems are more energy-efficient than other HVAC systems, can be used for both heating and cooling, and offer additional benefits to households. This post will explain how heat pumps work, their advantages, and what symptoms indicate a heat pump system needs to be repaired.

Heat Pumps: Learn the Basics

heat pumpProperty owners tend to overlook heat pumps when considering new heating systems for their homes because they are not as familiar with the system as they are with more traditional heating and cooling systems. Heat pumps can both heat and cool a house and work by transferring heat from cooler outdoor air or the ground and transferring it indoors. 

Then, during a refrigeration cycle, the compressor circulates the refrigerant through the coils, which then absorbs and releases heat. When used to cool a house, the heat pump reverses the process by taking heat from the indoor air and sending it outside. Since they rely more on the transfer of heat than the heat being generated, they are highly efficient. 

Advantages of Installing a Heat Pump

When considering if a heat pump installation is right for their house, homeowners need to consider the benefits of a heat pump. Arguably, the top advantage is the energy efficiency the system provides. Unlike many conventional systems, heat pumps don’t create most of the hot or cooled air – they get most of it by transfer. This lets homes use less energy and allows property owners to reduce their utility bills. 

Some of the other heat pump benefits include:

  • Homeowners can purchase one system for both heating and cooling instead of a separate heater and air conditioner.
  • It allows for more consistent heating and cooling, making homes more comfortable.
  • Heat pumps can be safer than many heaters and furnaces as they do not use open flames. 

Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair

energy billHomeowners who already have a heat pump can help keep their homes comfortable during the chilly weather by having their heat pumps repaired as soon as possible when it’s needed. The best way to get professional services quickly is for property owners to recognize the signs that the heat pump is malfunctioning. 

Some of the most obvious signs households will notice are if it doesn’t produce warm air when it’s set to heat or if there is uneven heating throughout the home. Homeowners should also pay attention to loud noises, odd smells, or if the unit turns on and off quickly without properly heating the house. Other signs can also indicate a system needs to be repaired, like if a homeowner’s energy bills suddenly increase, leaks in the system, or if the heat pump is older and is showing signs of wear and tear. 

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